WandaImaginative and prescient’s ‘Agatha All Along’ Song Out on Spotify, Apple Music, Others

WandaVision’s latest earworm observe “Agatha All Along” is now obtainable on all main music streaming platforms, together with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and JioSaavn. Spoilers forward for WandaImaginative and prescient episode 7. “Agatha All Along” has been composed by the Oscar- and Tony-winning duo of Kristen-Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez (of Frozen fame), and has been sung by star Kathryn Hahn herself. Hahn performs Agnes on WandaImaginative and prescient, who reveals herself to be the highly effective witch Agatha Harkness in direction of the tip of WandaImaginative and prescient episode 7 “Breaking the Fourth Wall.” Sadly, Hahn’s maniacal evil laughter that bookends the montage within the episode is just not a part of the “Agatha All Along” observe.

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The 62-second Agatha Harkness theme tune “Agatha All Along” first performed after Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) finds herself trapped in Agnes’ (Hahn) basement, the place she then states that Wanda wasn’t the one magical being contained in the Westview Hex. As the “Agatha All Along” observe begins to play, WandaImaginative and prescient episode 7 exhibits us how Agatha has been spinning her personal webs, be it messing with Wanda and Vision’s magic present in WandaImaginative and prescient episode 2, driving a neighbour mad in WandaImaginative and prescient episode 3, introducing Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters) in WandaImaginative and prescient episode 5, and pretending to be a traditional individual trapped beneath Wanda’s magic in WandaImaginative and prescient episode 7.

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“Agatha All Along” tune lyrics

Who’s been messing up every thing?
It’s been Agatha all alongside!
Who’s been pulling each evil string?
It’s been Agatha all alongside!
She’s insidious
So perfidious
That you have not even observed
And the pity is
(The pity is, pity pity pity pity)
It’s too late to repair something
Now that every thing has gone mistaken
Thanks to Agatha
Naughty Agatha!
It’s been Agatha all alongside!
(spoken) And I killed Sparky, too!

Marvel has been releasing episodic albums for WandaImaginative and prescient each week, simply as its sister firm Lucasfilm did for each seasons of The Mandalorian. “Agatha All Along” is obtainable as a part of WandaImaginative and prescient: Episode 7 (Original Soundtrack) launched beneath license by Marvel Music.

WandaImaginative and prescient is obtainable on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. New episodes air each Friday — WandaImaginative and prescient episode eight drops February 26, with the sequence finale WandaImaginative and prescient episode 9 releasing March 5.

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